Anadin Extra - 12 Soluble Tablets


Welcome to the world of Anadin Extra Soluble Tablets, offering you fast relief from headaches and pain. With each pack containing 12 tablets, you can be sure to have a convenient solution on hand whenever you need it.

Easy to use, simply dissolve a tablet in water to experience quick and effective relief. The soluble formula ensures rapid absorption, targeting pain where you need it most.

  • Fast-acting relief: Say goodbye to discomfort with Anadin Extra's quick relief formula.
  • Convenient packaging: The compact pack of 12 soluble tablets is ideal for on-the-go relief.

Whether you're dealing with a pounding headache or muscle pain, trust Anadin Extra to help you get back to feeling your best. Keep a pack at home, in the office, or in your bag so you're always prepared.

Don't let pain slow you down. Choose Anadin Extra Soluble Tablets for rapid relief that fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.