Bach Rescue Pastilles Blackcurrant - 50g


Welcome to the world of Bach Rescue Pastilles Blackcurrant! Indulge in the delicious and soothing relief these pastilles offer, each bursting with the natural essence of blackcurrant. With a convenient package size of 50g, you can take these pastilles with you wherever your day takes you.

Experience the calming benefits of these Rescue Pastilles, perfect for those moments when you need to find your inner balance. Feel the stress melt away as you savor the sweet yet tangy flavor of blackcurrant.

  • Provides natural stress relief
  • Compact and easy to carry

Whether you're facing a hectic day at work, a challenging commute, or simply need a moment of tranquility, Bach Rescue Pastilles Blackcurrant have got you covered. Simply pop one in your mouth and let the soothing properties of Bach flowers work their magic.

With a unique blend of flower essences, these pastilles are a delightful way to combat daily stressors and find your inner peace. Treat yourself to a moment of self-care and relaxation with Bach Rescue Pastilles Blackcurrant.

Don't let stress get the best of you - grab a tin of Bach Rescue Pastilles Blackcurrant today and discover the natural power of these calming treats!