Bach Rescue Remedy Plus - 10 Mixed Berry Lozenges


Welcome to a new level of relaxation with Bach Rescue Remedy Plus - 10 Mixed Berry Lozenges. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with these delicious and soothing lozenges that are specially formulated to bring you calm and peace wherever you go.

  • Experience quick and effective relief: These lozenges are designed to provide fast relief from stress and tension, helping you feel calmer and more relaxed in no time.
  • Delicious mixed berry flavor: Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of mixed berries while taking care of your well-being. These lozenges make relaxation a delightful experience.

With Bach Rescue Remedy Plus, you can now manage your daily stressors with ease. Whether you're at work, traveling, or simply need a moment of tranquility at home, these lozenges are your perfect companion.

Each lozenge is carefully crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, including Bach flower essences, known for their calming properties. Simply pop one into your mouth whenever you need a moment of relaxation and let the soothing formula work its magic.

Don't let stress take over your day - keep a pack of Bach Rescue Remedy Plus - 10 Mixed Berry Lozenges with you and face every challenge with a sense of calm and composure. Try them today and discover a new way to unwind and relax.