Bazuka Verruca Extra Strength Gel - 5g


Welcome to Bazuka Verruca Extra Strength Gel - your solution for stubborn verrucas! This 5g powerhouse is designed to tackle verrucas head-on with its extra strength formula.

Are you tired of dealing with verrucas that just won't budge? Bazuka Verruca Extra Strength Gel is here to help. With its potent formula, this gel works to effectively eliminate verrucas, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

  • Extra Strength Formula: Bazuka Verruca Gel contains a powerful formula that targets verrucas directly, delivering fast and effective results.
  • Convenient Size: This 5g tube is compact and easy to carry with you, so you can tackle verrucas wherever you go.

Say goodbye to the discomfort and embarrassment of verrucas with Bazuka Verruca Extra Strength Gel. Take control of your skin health and trust Bazuka to deliver exceptional results.

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