Bblonde 40VOL 12% peroxide Light to Dark Brown Hair


Transform your hair with the Bblonde 40VOL 12% peroxide, perfect for those looking to achieve a lighter shade from dark brown hair.

Unleash your style and confidence with this powerful peroxide that is designed to work effectively on light to dark brown hair, giving you the freedom to experiment with different hues and tones.

  • Suitable for lightening from dark brown to lighter shades
  • Provides reliable and consistent results

Get ready to add dimension and depth to your hair color effortlessly with the help of Bblonde 40VOL 12% peroxide. Say goodbye to dull, monotone hair and hello to vibrant, multi-dimensional locks that reflect your personality and style.

With its high-quality formulation, this peroxide ensures that your hair is lightened evenly and gently, without compromising its health and integrity. Pamper your hair as you experiment with different looks, knowing that the Bblonde 40VOL 12% peroxide is here to support your hair transformation journey.

Whether you are looking to go a few shades lighter or completely revamp your look, this peroxide is your go-to product for achieving stunning results every time. Elevate your hair color game and make a statement with the Bblonde 40VOL 12% peroxide.