BetterYou Oral Spray Dlux 4000


Welcome to the world of BetterYou Oral Spray Dlux 4000, the ultimate boost for your daily wellness routine. This convenient spray is designed to make supplementing with vitamin D3 easier and more effective than ever before.

Say goodbye to hard-to-swallow pills and hello to quick and efficient absorption with just a few sprays under the tongue. With a refreshing natural peppermint flavor, taking your daily dose of Vitamin D has never been so pleasant.

  • Experience rapid absorption: The innovative oral spray delivery system ensures that vitamin D3 is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream for maximum effectiveness.
  • Convenient and portable: Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, this compact spray bottle can easily slip into your bag or pocket, so you never have to miss a dose.

Give your body the sunshine vitamin it needs to support healthy bones, teeth, and immune function. Whether you're stuck indoors or looking to enhance your well-being, BetterYou Oral Spray Dlux 4000 is here to help you feel your best every day.