Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden Eau De Parfum Spray - 100ml


Welcome to the delightful world of Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden Eau De Parfum Spray - 100ml. This enchanting fragrance is a celebration of elegance and grace, capturing the essence of sophistication in a bottle.

Indulge in the luxurious blend of notes that make Blue Grass a timeless favorite. With top notes of fresh citruses and green notes, this fragrance opens with a burst of invigorating energy that tantalizes the senses.

As the scent evolves, the heart notes of floral accords emerge, infusing the fragrance with a delicate and feminine allure. The harmonious blend of florals adds a romantic touch, creating a captivating aroma that lingers throughout the day.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Long-lasting fragrance that keeps you smelling fresh all day
  • Elegant and sophisticated scent suitable for all occasions

Experience the beauty and charm of Blue Grass as it envelops you in its soft embrace. Perfect for the modern woman who appreciates a touch of classic allure, this eau de parfum spray is a must-have in your fragrance collection.

Add a touch of glamour to your everyday routine with Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden. Discover the magic of this exquisite scent and let it transport you to a world of timeless beauty and sophistication.