Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel - 15ml


Welcome to the soothing relief of Bonjela Teething Gel - the perfect solution for your little one's teething discomfort. Say goodbye to those restless nights and fussy days as this 15ml teething gel swiftly eases your baby's teething woes.

  • Effective Soothing Action: Bonjela Teething Gel provides fast and effective relief by quickly soothing sore gums, helping your baby feel more comfortable.
  • Gentle Formula: Crafted with care, this teething gel features a gentle formula that is safe for your baby's delicate gums, giving you peace of mind.

Say hello to a happier baby and smoother teething days with Bonjela Teething Gel. With its convenient 15ml size, you can easily keep this teething essential close by whether at home or on the go.

Simply apply a small amount of the gel to your clean fingertip and gently massage it onto your baby's gums for instant relief. Watch as your little one's discomfort fades away, allowing them to rest and play more comfortably.

Don't let teething troubles disrupt your baby's day - trust in Bonjela Teething Gel to provide quick, reliable relief whenever your baby needs it most. Ensure your little one's smile remains bright even during teething times with this trusted solution.