Calcough Children’s Soothing Syrup Blackcurrant – 125ml


Welcome to the soothing world of Calcough Children’s Soothing Syrup Blackcurrant – a reliable solution to help your little one feel better! Say goodbye to cough discomfort with this 125ml bottle of blackcurrant-flavored relief.

Designed specifically for children, this syrup is formulated to provide gentle yet effective soothing properties. Made with care, it aims to ease your child’s cough symptoms, promoting a more comfortable sleep and happier days.

  • Reliable Relief: Calm your child's cough with this specially formulated syrup that targets cough symptoms effectively.
  • Pleasant Flavor: The blackcurrant flavor makes it easier for children to take, ensuring they receive the relief they need without fuss.

Easy to administer, this soothing syrup is a parent's best ally during the cough season. The 125ml size is convenient for home use, ensuring you always have relief on hand when your child needs it the most.

Don't let cough symptoms disrupt your child's day or night. With Calcough Children’s Soothing Syrup Blackcurrant, you can provide the comfort they deserve while offering peace of mind knowing they are in good hands. Say yes to a happy, healthy child with this trusted soothing syrup!