Calpol Blocked Nose Spray 3yrs+ - 15ml


Welcome to the world of Calpol Blocked Nose Spray, designed to bring relief to children aged 3 years and above. Say goodbye to stuffy noses with this 15ml wonder spray that helps clear up congestion and allows your little one to breathe easy.

  • Fast-Acting Relief: Calpol Blocked Nose Spray works quickly to open up nasal passages, providing almost instant relief from congestion.
  • Gentle Formula: Made with children in mind, this spray has a gentle formula that is suitable for kids aged 3 years and above.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights caused by blocked noses and hello to a peaceful night's rest for your child. Compact and easy to use, this nasal spray is a must-have in every parent's medicine cabinet.

Created by trusted experts in children's healthcare, Calpol Blocked Nose Spray is a reliable solution for those pesky blocked noses that can make your little one feel uncomfortable and irritable.

Simply administer a few sprays as directed, and watch as your child's breathing eases up, bringing comfort and relief. With Calpol Blocked Nose Spray on hand, you can tackle congestion head-on and help your child feel better in no time.

Experience the difference with Calpol Blocked Nose Spray - the go-to solution for clearing nasal congestion and allowing your child to breathe freely. Add this essential to your family's wellness routine today!