Calpol SixPlus Sugar Free 5ml - 12 Sachets


Welcome to the world of Calpol SixPlus Sugar Free 5ml - 12 Sachets! Say goodbye to the woes of measuring and fussing with liquid medicine because Calpol Sachets are here to make dosing a breeze.

A must-have for parents and caregivers, these convenient sachets pack all the trusted relief of Calpol in a handy, pre-measured 5ml dose. No more spills or sticky syringes - just easy, on-the-go relief for your little ones.

  • Easy to Use: Each sachet contains a pre-measured 5ml dose, making dosing simple and accurate.
  • Sugar-Free Formula: Calpol SixPlus is sugar-free, offering effective relief without added sugars.

Whether it's to soothe a fever, relieve pain, or tackle aches and pains, Calpol SixPlus is a go-to solution that children will find easy to take. Just tear open a sachet, pour the delicious strawberry-flavored suspension, and watch as your child feels better in no time.

Designed for children aged six years and above, these sachets are ideal for busy parents, school trips, vacations, or simply keeping at home for those unexpected moments when your child needs fast-acting relief.

Don't let illness slow your child down - keep Calpol SixPlus Sugar Free 5ml - 12 Sachets on hand for quick, mess-free relief whenever it's needed.