Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops - 10ml


Welcome to Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops, a reliable solution to help ease your baby's discomfort. These drops are designed to support your little one during feeding times, ensuring a happy and content baby.

  • Quick Relief: Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops work swiftly to break down lactose in milk, aiding in easier digestion for your baby.
  • Gentle Formula: The gentle formulation of these drops makes them safe for daily use and suitable for newborns and infants alike.

Say goodbye to fussy feeding sessions and restless nights with Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops by your side. Simply add the recommended dosage to your baby's milk or formula to help prevent discomfort and promote a happy tummy.

Whether you're a new parent or experienced caregiver, these drops are a convenient addition to your baby care routine. Keep them handy at home or on-the-go for quick and easy relief whenever your little one needs it.

Empower your baby to feed comfortably and stay content throughout the day with Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops - because a happy baby means a happy you!