Childs Farm Hair Detangler - 125ml


Welcome to Childs Farm Hair Detangler - the perfect solution for taming unruly locks! Say goodbye to tears and tangles with this gentle yet effective hair detangler.

Designed for young ones with sensitive scalp and delicate hair, this 125ml bottle of magic will make haircare a breeze. Just a few spritzes of this wonder product will leave hair feeling silky smooth and easy to manage.

  • Formulated with natural ingredients to ensure gentle care for your child's hair.
  • Instantly smooths out knots and tangles, making hair brushing a pain-free task.

With Childs Farm Hair Detangler, your child can enjoy knot-free hair that's easy to style and manage. Whether it's after a bath or just before heading out, this detangler will become your go-to hair essential.

Don't let tangled hair ruin your day - invest in Childs Farm Hair Detangler today and make hair care a fun and enjoyable experience for your little one!