Gaviscon Peppermint liquid relief oral suspension 600ml


Introducing Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid Relief Oral Suspension 600ml – your ultimate solution for soothing and relieving heartburn and indigestion. As a trusted online GPHC registered pharmacy in the UK, we are proud to offer this powerful antacid that provides fast and effective relief, ensuring you can enjoy life to the fullest.

With its unique formulation, Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid Relief Oral Suspension creates a protective barrier that helps to prevent stomach acid from rising up into the esophagus, providing you with long-lasting relief. Say goodbye to that uncomfortable burning sensation and hello to instant comfort.

Why choose Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid Relief Oral Suspension? Here are some remarkable features that make it stand out from the rest:

• Powerful Relief: This oral suspension is specially formulated to tackle the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion, providing you with fast and effective relief when you need it the most.

• Soothing Peppermint: Infused with a refreshing peppermint flavour, this liquid relief oral suspension not only relieves your symptoms but also leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth, ensuring a soothing experience.

• Convenient Size: With a generous 600ml bottle, you can enjoy long-lasting relief without the need for frequent restocking. It's perfect for keeping at home or taking on the go, so you're always prepared.

• GPHC Registered: As an online GPHC registered pharmacy in the UK, we are committed to providing you with safe and genuine healthcare products. Rest assured, you are receiving a high-quality product that meets all regulatory standards.

At our online pharmacy, we understand the importance of convenience and affordability. That's why we offer free delivery on orders over £50, ensuring that you can access the relief you need without any additional costs.

Don't let heartburn and indigestion hold you back. Experience the power of Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid Relief Oral Suspension 600ml and reclaim your comfort. Add it to your cart now and say goodbye to discomfort for good.