Lactulose 3.3g/5ml Oral Solution 500ml


Introducing our Lactulose 3.3g/5ml Oral Solution, a reliable and effective solution for your digestive health needs. As a trusted online GPHC registered pharmacy in the UK, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, and this Lactulose Oral Solution is no exception.

Designed to alleviate constipation and promote regular bowel movements, our Lactulose Oral Solution offers a gentle and natural approach to digestive relief. Each 5ml of this solution contains 3.3g of lactulose, a naturally occurring sugar that helps soften stools and increase their frequency.

With its easy-to-use formulation, our Lactulose Oral Solution is suitable for both adults and children, making it a versatile option for the whole family. Whether you're struggling with occasional constipation or looking for a long-term solution, this product has got you covered.

One of the key advantages of our Lactulose Oral Solution is its gentle action on the digestive system. Unlike harsh laxatives that can cause discomfort and urgency, this solution works by drawing water into the bowel, softening the stool and promoting natural bowel movements. This makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a more gentle approach to constipation relief.

At our online pharmacy, we understand the importance of convenience and affordability. That's why we offer free delivery on orders over £50, ensuring that you can easily access the products you need without any additional cost. With our Lactulose Oral Solution, you can enjoy the convenience of having a reliable constipation remedy delivered right to your doorstep.

Don't let constipation hold you back any longer. Experience the gentle and effective relief that our Lactulose 3.3g/5ml Oral Solution provides. Order yours today and take the first step towards a healthier and more comfortable digestive system.