Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief 200mg/5mg – 16 Tablets


Introducing Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief Tablets - your ultimate solution for fighting the symptoms of cold and flu. With a powerful combination of 200mg ibuprofen and 5mg pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, these 16 tablets provide fast and effective relief. Say goodbye to congestion, headache, fever, and body aches, and get back to feeling your best. Don't let cold and flu symptoms hold you back - trust Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief Tablets to help you power through.

When cold and flu strike, it can feel like your whole world has come to a standstill. The congestion, the pounding headache, the relentless fever, and the body aches can make even the simplest tasks seem impossible. But fear not, because Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief Tablets are here to save the day.

With 200mg of ibuprofen, a powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), these tablets work to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Whether you're battling a stuffy nose, a throbbing headache, or aching muscles, Nurofen has got you covered.

But that's not all - Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief Tablets also contain 5mg of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, a decongestant that helps to clear nasal congestion and sinus pressure. This means you can breathe easier and say goodbye to that blocked-up feeling that comes with cold and flu.

What sets Nurofen apart from other cold and flu remedies is its fast-acting formula. These tablets are designed to provide rapid relief, so you can start feeling better sooner. No more waiting around for hours for your symptoms to subside - Nurofen gets to work quickly, so you can get back to your day.

As a GPHC registered pharmacy in the UK, we understand the importance of quality and safety when it comes to healthcare products. That's why we proudly offer Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief Tablets, a trusted brand that has been providing effective relief for years.

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Don't let cold and flu symptoms bring you down. Take control of your health with Nurofen Cold & Flu Relief Tablets. Experience the power of this winning combination and get back to feeling your best. Order now and start your journey towards a symptom-free life.