Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder – 50g


Introducing Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder - the ultimate solution for fresh and dry feet! Say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet with this powerful 50g powder. Keep your feet comfortable and odor-free all day long with this must-have product. Don't let foot odor hold you back - step confidently with Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder!

• Stay Fresh and Dry: Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder is here to rescue you from the discomfort of sweaty and smelly feet. With its powerful formula, this 50g powder absorbs moisture, keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout the day.

• Combat Foot Odour: Say goodbye to embarrassing foot odour! Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder effectively neutralises unpleasant odours, allowing you to step confidently and enjoy your day without worrying about any unwanted smells.

• Long-lasting Protection: This must-have product provides long-lasting protection against foot odour. Its innovative formula works to control moisture and prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, ensuring your feet remain odour-free for extended periods.

• Comfortable All-Day Wear: With Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder, you can bid farewell to discomfort caused by sweaty feet. Its moisture-absorbing properties help to keep your feet comfortable, dry, and free from irritation, allowing you to stay focused and active throughout the day.

• Versatile Application: Not only does Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder keep your feet fresh, but it also works wonders for your shoes! Simply sprinkle a small amount into your shoes to eliminate any lingering odours and maintain a pleasant fragrance.

• Trusted Quality: Odaban is a trusted brand known for its exceptional quality and efficacy. This foot and shoe powder is no exception, providing you with the confidence and assurance of a reliable solution to combat foot odour.

Don't let foot odour hinder your daily activities. Step confidently with Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder - the ultimate solution for fresh and dry feet. Say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet and embrace a new level of comfort and confidence. Order now from our GPHC registered online pharmacy in the UK and enjoy free delivery on orders over £50.