Perrigo Ibuprofen 7+ 200mg/5ml oral suspension 100ml


Introducing Perrigo Ibuprofen 7+ 200mg/5ml Oral Suspension 100ml – Your Trusted Pain Relief Solution

Looking for a reliable and effective pain relief solution for your little one? Look no further than Perrigo Ibuprofen 7+ 200mg/5ml Oral Suspension. This specially formulated oral suspension is designed to provide fast and effective relief from aches, pains, and fever in children aged 7 years and above.

At our online GPHC registered pharmacy in the UK, we understand the importance of finding a safe and trusted medication for your child. That's why we proudly offer Perrigo Ibuprofen, a brand renowned for its quality and efficacy. With our commitment to providing the best healthcare products, you can trust that this oral suspension is of the highest standard.

What sets Perrigo Ibuprofen 7+ Oral Suspension apart from other pain relief options is its convenient and easy-to-administer liquid form. With a concentration of 200mg of ibuprofen per 5ml, this oral suspension is carefully measured to ensure accurate dosing for your child's needs. No more struggling with tablets or capsules – simply use the included measuring spoon to give your child the right amount of relief.

Not only is Perrigo Ibuprofen 7+ Oral Suspension effective, but it also acts quickly to alleviate your child's discomfort. Whether it's a headache, toothache, sore throat, or fever, this oral suspension gets to work fast, providing relief when your child needs it most. Say goodbye to tears and sleepless nights, and hello to a happier, more comfortable little one.

As an added bonus, when you shop with us, you'll enjoy the convenience of free delivery on orders over £50. No need to worry about running out of essential medications – simply place your order and have it delivered right to your doorstep, hassle-free.

Trust Perrigo Ibuprofen 7+ 200mg/5ml Oral Suspension to provide fast and effective pain relief for your child. With our commitment to quality and free delivery on qualifying orders, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money. Choose Perrigo Ibuprofen and give your child the relief they deserve.

Note: Always read the label and consult a healthcare professional before giving any medication to children.