Strepsils Honey & Lemon – 24 Lozenges


Introducing Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges, the perfect soothing solution for your sore throat. Experience the comforting relief of these 24 lozenges, packed with the natural goodness of honey and a refreshing lemon flavor.

• Soothing and Cooling: Let the lozenge dissolve slowly in your mouth, providing a soothing and cooling sensation that eases your discomfort. Say goodbye to that scratchy, irritated throat and hello to sweet relief.

• Trusted Brand: For over 60 years, Strepsils has been the go-to brand for throat care. With a trusted reputation and a commitment to quality, you can rely on Strepsils to help you get back to feeling your best.

• Natural Goodness: Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges harness the power of honey, known for its soothing properties, and the refreshing taste of lemon. This winning combination not only provides relief for your sore throat but also delivers a burst of natural goodness.

• Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains 24 individually wrapped lozenges, making it easy to take them on the go. Whether you're at work, traveling, or simply relaxing at home, you can have the relief you need within arm's reach.

• Online Pharmacy: As a GPHC registered online pharmacy in the UK, we prioritize your health and well-being. With our commitment to quality and convenience, you can trust that you're getting the best products to support your throat care needs.

• Free Delivery: Enjoy the added benefit of free delivery on orders over £50. Stock up on Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges and other essential health products without worrying about any additional shipping costs.

Don't let a sore throat slow you down. Choose Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges for soothing relief and get back to feeling your best. Trust the brand that has been supporting throat care for over six decades. Order now and experience the natural goodness of honey and refreshing lemon flavor.