Wellkid Calcium Liquid-150ml


Wellkid Calcium Liquid-150ml For Online

They are introducing Wellkid Calcium Liquid-150ml, the ultimate solution for maintaining your child's bone health and development. Designed specifically for kids, this supplement is brought to you by our trusted UK-based online pharmacy, guaranteeing the highest quality for your little ones. 

Give your child the essential nutrients they need with Wellkid Calcium Liquid 150ml. This carefully formulated liquid supplement is packed with a balanced blend of calcium, vitamin D, and other vital minerals, ensuring the development of strong and healthy bones. Its easy-to-administer 150ml bottle makes it convenient for parents, while children will enjoy taking it.

Key Features:

• Formulated specifically for children's bone health

• Contains essential calcium and vitamin D

• Easy-to-administer liquid form

• Trusted quality from our UK-based online pharmacy

Vitabiotics Wellkid calcium liquid 150ml is enriched with a unique combination of calcium carbonate, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, ensuring optimal bone health for your child. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide the necessary support for growing bones.


Wellkid liquid calcium is enriched with:

• Calcium carbonate

• Vitamin D

• Magnesium

• Zinc

Wellkid Calcium Liquid Side Effects

Shake the bottle well before use. For children aged 4-12 years, it is recommended to give them 10ml of Wellkid Calcium Liquid daily. The supplement can be taken on its own or easily added to your child's favorite drink. Please note that exceeding the recommended dosage is not advised. If your child is under medical supervision or taking other medications, it is advisable to confer with a healthcare professional before use.

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