Bach Rescue Night Spray - 20ml


Welcome to the world of Bach Rescue Night Spray - your ultimate companion for a peaceful night's rest. Say goodbye to tossing and turning with this 20ml bottle of tranquility.

  • Easy-to-Use: Simply spray this soothing elixir under your tongue before bedtime for quick absorption and relaxation.
  • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with a blend of flower essences, Bach Rescue Night Spray is your go-to solution for calming the mind and body.

Experience the magic as this gentle spray helps calm your racing thoughts, preparing you for a night of deep and restorative sleep. Let the essence of nature work its wonders as you unwind and drift off into a state of peaceful serenity.

With Bach Rescue Night Spray, you can finally bid farewell to sleepless nights and embrace the rejuvenating power of a good night's sleep. Transform your bedtime routine into a ritual of self-care and relaxation with this convenient and effective spray.

Don't let insomnia or restlessness disrupt your life any longer - take control of your sleep with Bach Rescue Night Spray. Say hello to peaceful nights and energized mornings, thanks to this natural remedy that supports your body's innate ability to unwind and recharge.

Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of Bach Rescue Night Spray - discover the tranquility that awaits you with each spray and enjoy the restful sleep you deserve.