Carepoint Pen Needles 31g 5mm - 100 Needles


Welcome to your solution for painless injections - the Carepoint Pen Needles 31g 5mm. This pack contains 100 high-quality needles designed to make your daily injections easier and more comfortable.

Key features of the Carepoint Pen Needles 31g 5mm:

  • Ultra-fine 31 gauge needles for a smooth and almost pain-free injection experience.
  • 5mm length for easy and convenient delivery of medication just under the skin's surface.

Say goodbye to the fear and discomfort associated with injections. With Carepoint Pen Needles, you can inject confidently and effortlessly. The ultra-fine 31g needles ensure minimal discomfort, making your daily injections a breeze.

Designed for precision and comfort, these pen needles are ideal for individuals who require frequent injections. The 5mm length allows for a shallow injection depth, ensuring accurate medication delivery and reducing the risk of skin irritation.

With Carepoint Pen Needles, you can take control of your health without the added stress of painful injections. Trust in Carepoint for a seamless injection experience every time.