Childs Farm Hair & Body Wash Sweet Orange - 250ml


Welcome to a fun and refreshing bath time experience with Childs Farm Hair & Body Wash Sweet Orange! This 250ml bottle of sweetness is here to make your little one's grooming routine a delightful adventure.

Feel the zesty burst of sweet orange as it gently cleanses both the hair and body, leaving your child feeling fresh and ready for their next playtime escapade.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enriched with the refreshing scent of sweet orange
  • Gentle formula suitable for both hair and body

Let the vibrant aroma uplift your child's senses while the nourishing formula pampers their skin and hair with care. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and hello to a squeaky-clean and happy little one!

With Childs Farm Hair & Body Wash Sweet Orange, bath time becomes a joyful routine that your child will look forward to every day. Pamper your little explorer with the goodness of nature and the fun of sweet oranges!