Zoflora Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Disinfectant - Multi Surface Cleaning Solution - 12 X 120ml Bottles


Introducing Zoflora Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Disinfectant - 12 X 120ml Bottles, the ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine and hygienic home. As your trusted UK online pharmacy, we proudly bring you this essential disinfectant, designed to protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria.

  Elevate Your Home Hygiene Standards 

With Zoflora Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Disinfectant, you can take your home hygiene to new heights. Our GPHC registered online pharmacy is delighted to offer this powerful cleaning solution that will keep your living space clean, fresh, and protected.

 Powerful Cleaning Formula 

Zoflora's concentrated formula combines efficacy with a delightful fragrance, ensuring a thoroughly clean and fresh environment. Infused with a concentrated perfume compound, this disinfectant not only eliminates germs but also leaves a long-lasting, pleasant scent that lingers in the air.

 Versatile and Convenient 

With this pack of 12 convenient 120ml bottles, you'll have plenty of Zoflora at your disposal to tackle every cleaning task. Whether it's floors, countertops, or bathroom fixtures, Zoflora is suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Simply follow the instructions on the label for the appropriate dilution ratios, and you're ready to go.

  Uncompromising Protection 

What sets Zoflora apart from regular disinfectants is its powerful antibacterial action. It is highly effective against a broad spectrum of germs, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your home is thoroughly protected. Say goodbye to lingering bacteria and hello to a clean, healthy living space.

  Expert Cleaning Tip 

For optimal results, use Zoflora as needed for regular cleaning. In high-traffic or germ-prone areas, a daily application can provide ongoing protection, ensuring your home remains a safe haven for you and your loved ones.

Free Delivery on Orders Over £50 

Order your Zoflora Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Disinfectant - 12 X 120ml Bottles from our reliable UK online pharmacy today and enjoy free delivery on orders over £50. Trust in Zoflora, the trusted brand for effective antibacterial action.

Maintain a clean and healthy living space with Zoflora Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Disinfectant - 12 X 120ml Bottles. Elevate your home hygiene standards by ordering from our GPHC registered online pharmacy today.